Three Amazing Programs

Our Programs At a Glance

50% to a winner, 50% to your charity

Ascend 50/50 Program

The Ascend 50/50 program is our most popular program - and for very good reason. It's simple to understand and it works!

It's definitely not unusual for our 50/50 program to deliver hundreds of thousands of dollars in gross sales every month while dramatically building your donor database as you reach a new audience and engage your existing donors in a new and exciting way.

Even better is that we work with you to ensure your program will be a success.

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Ascend Catch the Ace

The Ascend Catch the Ace Program is perfect when you want a longer-running program in a more sophisticated and crowded market.

Catch the Ace has driven some of our largest jackpots, with life-changing amounts of money for the winner - and massive donation revenues for your charity.

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Ascend Sweepstakes

The Ascend Sweepstakes is our charitable gaming program that allows you to reach a national audience. Authorized in all 50 US states and most Canadian provinces, a Sweepstakes can bring your charity's message to an audience of millions.

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