Frequently Asked Questions

What is an online charity raffle?

Online raffles (also known as electronic raffles) use computers/technology for the sale of tickets, winner selection, and prize distribution. Popular raffles such as the 50/50 and Catch the Ace are commonly held to raise funds for charities. People obtain digital numbered tickets, each of which has a chance of winning a cash prize. The winnings are usually a percentage of the total funds collected through sale of tickets. The remaining amount goes to the non-profit or charity organizing the event. One of the main reasons that makes online charity raffles so attractive is that donors get a chance to win money while supporting a cause.

What is an online 50/50?

50/50 raffles are a quick, easy and fun way to raise money for a cause. An online 50/50 is a fundraising concept that is similar to a normal raffle but instead of a pre-decided prize, the non-profit organization or charity equally splits the total amount collected from the sale of tickets  with the winner. Usually, there is no minimum amount to participate, and the donors earn a chance to win large sums of money, making 50/50 draws very appealing.

What other names is a 50/50 known by?

A 50/50 fundraising raffle is also known as “split the pot”, “50-50”, “5050”, “cash raffles”, or a “50/50 raffle”. Different organizations may address it by slightly different names, but the concept is the same.

What is Catch the Ace?

This is known by many names—Chase the Ace or Queen of Hearts are just a couple of them. It is a weekly online and offline multiple-draw lottery that runs for up to 52 weeks or until the Ace is discovered. The winner selected in each draw gets a chance to win a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of tickets from one draw as well as the progressive (cumulative) jackpot by choosing one playing card from a single deck of 52 playing cards. If the card selected is not the Ace of Spades, that card is removed from the deck and the progressive prize portion of the ticket sales for that draw is rolled over into the progressive jackpot for the next scheduled draw.

What's the difference between a traditional raffle and an online raffle?

A traditional (or offline or in-person) raffle involves the sale of physical tickets on location and generally lasts for a few hours during an event. An online raffle is held virtually by setting up a dedicated webpage and online payment options for purchase of tickets. Online raffles can run for a single day or weeks or months, thus providing lots more time and opportunity for the organization to raise funds.

Is running an online raffle legal?

Online raffles conducted with the purpose of fundraising are categorized under “Charitable Gaming”—which is different from traditional gambling and lottery. Each state or province has their own set of rules, regulations and laws governing charitable gaming. There are also limitations and restrictions on who can run an online raffle. As the rules and legal requirements vary by location, we encourage you to consult your local gaming governing authority - or schedule a call with our team and we'll walk you through it all.

Who can run raffles?

Typically, registered non-profit organizations and charities qualify to run raffles to fundraise. Additionally, schools, churches, hospitals, and other similar organizations may qualify too. Rules and qualification criteria are determined by provincial or state gaming authorities.

How to get an online gaming license?

Registered charities or non-profit organizations are eligible to apply for an online gaming license through their provincial or state gaming authority.  Ascend Fundraising Solutions can help you  apply for a license. Contact our team now to learn more.

In which geographies does Ascend Fundraising Solutions operate?

Ascend has worked with more than 500 charities worldwide, including some of the most iconic brands across the sports and not-for-profit landscapes. They have been running raffles in the United States of America, Canada, and the United Kingdom and have helped raise over $950 million through their platform.

Can I talk with an Ascend representative?​

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