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April 20, 2022

The Donate Button: Best Practices and Tips to Stay Ahead in the Fundraising Game

Donations from supporters are what keep your nonprofit or charity alive and functioning. With the unprecedented changes in how people work, live, and donate after the pandemic, having a great online presence with impactful donation pages and social media pages is now more important than ever before for your nonprofit. 

This means you must invest time and thought to craft  web and social pages that convert visitors to donors. The donate button is an integral element in this strategy. A donate button is the main call-to-action for your supporters and is also one of the most important and direct ways to generate funds online. There are certain elements that go into making a donate now button more effective. 

In this article, we will understand the importance of a donation button along with tips and best practices to ensure your your nonprofit makes the most of its online presence and has the best impact and conversion rates. 

Importance of a donation button

Donate buttons aren't just limited to a charity’s website or landing pages, they can be used on other platforms where the charity is present and active such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook etc.

There are many benefits to doing that: 

  • You can tap into leads from all platforms: The first and the most important benefit is when a charity is able to tap into the leads coming in from all these platforms and convert them right there and then, without having to leave the site/app.
  • It’s easy for donors: As a charity and nonprofit, your goal should be to make the donation process as seamless and easy as possible for your donors. Having donation buttons on various channels does exactly that and maximizes your donations as a result.
  • It allow you to measure the success of each platform: A donation button that links to a landing page on your website will show you which channels are offering the maximum return on your investment thereby giving you clear insights on the strategies that are yielding the best results.

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Where to place the donate button 

Placement of the donation button is very important and can make all the difference in the kind of response your page receives from visitors. Here are some best practices to consider for the button placement:

  • Place the donation button on your website’s top-right corner: Studies show that users most commonly scan websites in an F or Z pattern. This means the best spot for the Donate button on your website is usually the top right corner. 
  • Emails should use ‘above the fold’ placement: When running fundraising email campaigns, it is important that the call to action button is placed above the fold as most users check emails on their mobile or handheld devices and are very likely to miss the button if it's further down.
  • Place the Donate button at the top of your charity’s social media profile: For social media such as Instagram and Facebook, a donate button can be added to your nonprofit’s official profile. The layout for the profiles is mostly pre-set and buttons for most social media platforms can be added towards the top of the page, right after your nonprofit’s introduction (in Instagram) and just below the cover photo (in Facebook).

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4 tips and best practices for effective donation buttons

1. Ensure it captures attention 

For maximum visibility and to grab the attention of your supporter, the button should stand out from the rest of the page. You can customize the button using your brand’s colors. As a rule of thumb, the donation buttons should be big, bold, and bright. The last thing you want is a supporter trying to find the Donate Now button and then bouncing off the site without making a contribution. 

2. Pair the button with online ticket purchases or event registration

Another way to augment your fundraising efforts with donation buttons is by pairing them with online raffle ticket purchases or event registrations. You can provide an optional donation button with pre-filled amounts when site visitors are about to complete their purchase or registration This makes for an easy and convenient conversion from visitors to donors.

3. Write impactful CTAs for the donation button

Crafting an impactful and compelling Call-To-Action (CTA) on your button will ensure the best results. The copy on your button should gently encourage and motivate supporters to stand behind your cause. 

  • Keep the copy short but specific: This means you should cut out unnecessary words.
  • Use active language: Besides using active tense, the words should imply change or action. Words such as change, act, or transform, have a positive vibe and appeal to the emotions of the supporter, compelling them to take the desired action.
  • Show urgency: Using words such as ‘today’ or ‘now’ can show urgency and encourage supporters to take an action right away.
  • Evoke emotions: A CTA that says ‘save a life today’ is better than a button that says ‘Donate now’.

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4. It should have the right design, images, font, and color

Everything from the design to the imagery, font, and color of your button can play a role in influencing overall donations for your cause. Here are some elements for you to consider:

  • Keep the design simple: Avoid using complicated graphics or icons and keep the design elements clean and simple to offer a great user experience. 
  • Choose the right font size and type: We don’t need to overcomplicate the process. The only thing to be sure of is that the font is the appropriate size and type to ensure readability. 
  • Pick colors to enhance readability: The button and the overlying text should utilize a color contrast that supports accessibility guidelines. At the very basic level, this will ensure better readability and understanding on your donors’ behalf which will lead to better conversions too. 

A donate button is more than just a call to action. It can be the key differentiator between reaching your financial goal or finding it hard to stay afloat. When designing your CTA, make sure it is visible, captures attention, has an impactful CTA, and the right design, color and font to maximize donations and support. Additionally, remember to combine it with powerful storytelling to see the magic! 

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