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December 20, 2021

[2021 Roundup] 10 Posts on Charitable Gaming-based Fundraising that You Shouldn’t Miss!

Despite the ongoing pandemic and a slow economic recovery, it has been a fantastic year for us at Ascend! Many nonprofits, charities, and foundations sought to leverage the power of online fundraising to offset donation revenues that were lost due to the cancellation of traditional, in-person fundraising events.  

Thanks to the ease of implementation and the potential for a high return on investment (ROI), many organizations have come to realize the benefits of running an online charitable gaming-based fundraiser such as a 50/50 raffle or Catch the Ace program.  

While Ascend has over a decade of experience in the field, it was only in 2021 that we launched our blog—which is an incredible content resource to learn about running charitable gaming-based fundraisers and more! Therefore, as we end this year, here’s a roundup of our most successful, popular, and favorite posts.

Top 10 posts on charitable gaming from the Ascend blog  

1) 5 Popular Virtual Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits  

Online fundraising is transforming the way donors give to their favorite charities. Learn how you can leverage this change for your non-profit. Read the article.

2) 5 Tips for Running Successful Online Charity Raffles

Online raffles or lotteries are a quick and easy way to raise funds for your non-profit. Get tips and strategies to maximize your fundraising potential. Read the article.

3) Fundraising 101: Difference Between Online Charity Raffles and Sweepstakes

Raffles and sweepstakes are attractive and engaging ways to raise money for charitable causes. Know the differences before choosing a virtual fundraiser for your nonprofit. Read the article.

4) An Introduction to Online Gaming-based Fundraising for Nonprofits

Virtual fundraisers with the right technology are powerful ways of raising money. Learn how you can conduct a successful online fundraising campaign for your nonprofit with gaming-based fundraisers. Read the article.

5) Online Charitable Gaming: A New Generation of Fundraising

Add fun to fundraising! Learn how technology can help you scale operations and achieve your fundraising targets and goals with online charitable gaming. Read the article.  

Scale up your fundraising game

Get all your questions answered and learn how it all works.

6) 5 Digital Trends in Nonprofit Fundraising

Stay up to date on the latest trends by reading about key digital trends that can help your nonprofit achieve (and exceed) fundraising goals quickly and efficiently. Read the article.

7) Difference Between Online Lottery, Charity Raffles and Gambling

Are you looking for new ideas to generate more funds for your charity? Online lotteries and raffles are excellent ways to realize your nonprofit goals and targets. Understanding the differences between online lottery, raffles and gambling will help you make informed and confident decisions for your next fundraiser. Read the article.

8) 5 Nonprofit Fundraising Trends for 2022 and Beyond

2022 will witness charities continue successful strategies from the pandemic and implement a hybrid model for most in-person fundraisers. Learn about key trends your nonprofit should stay on top of. Read the article.

9) 8 Email Marketing Tips for Nonprofits to Inspire Giving and Attract Donors

Email campaigns can be an effective marketing tool to grow your donor database. Get tips on how to write engaging emails that motivate your target audience to give. Read the article.

10) How to Launch a Nationwide 50/50 Raffle: Ascend Fuels Team Canada’s Olympic Ambitions

In July, the Canadian Olympic Foundation (COF) launched Canada’s first multi-provincial 50/50 raffle. Dubbed “Team Canada 50/50,” it aimed to raise money to train the next cohort of Canadian Olympians. Explore how the COF decided to double down on fundraising efforts to meet their ambitious goals. Read the article.

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